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My wines are an expression of the season and experimentation.

Each vintage is different and so is each vinification process, which presents the “signs” of the different harvests. The mountain forces the vine to intensify some characteristics: this fascinates me and pushes me not to standardize winemaking, but rather to grasp and enhance the differences that nature concedes.

I work hard in the field, starting early in the morning, to put each row in the condition to best express itself and bring healthy, crunchy and strongly characterized grapes to the cellars. select the best grapes and work them in the cellar, manually. I try to understand the potential of each batch, its aging capacity. Consequently, I choose the best technique so that my musts can achieve oenological results that are rich in structure, finesse and longevity.


The small and very small quantities produced allow me an unparalleled freedom of expression, in all stages of the process.

Foot treading; fermentation and maceration in wood; refinement in cement or in amphoras; large woods (tonneaux) alternating with Burgundian pieces: it is not a protocol that tells me what to do, but the timely analysis of the wine and its evolution, carried out through continuous tastings and confrontation.
However, I prefer wines with a clear and clean character, endowed with great structure and balance, those that can age in an elegant and delicate way.
In my cellar, nothing is preset, fixed or permanently determined. Only one thing does not change: my never-ending desire to learn by doing, even by making small mistakes that lead me to know wine more and more deeply and to grasp the secrets of mountain viticulture, whose history is yet to be written.

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